When Negative Things Happen

This was not the blog post I planned to write today.  I got home yesterday to some bad news and it sent me on a downward spiral (hence no post yesterday).  I had a rush of emotions; sadness, anger and worry.  These conflicting with some very negative thoughts totally overwhelmed me.

I had to be reminded to implement the skills I had learnt on my Emotional Coping Skills course.  I had to take a step back and look rationally at the problem. I decided to do a technique based on distraction. There was an acronym for choosing how to do this; ACCEPTS:

Activities – any activity you enjoy doing
Contributing – do something for someone else
Count Your Blessings – looking at what you have rather than have not
Emotion – do something which illicits a different emotion (music, comedy, etc)
Pushing Away – put the situation to one side
Thoughts – using other thoughts (playing the alphabet game, etc)
Sensations – hold something cold, ping a rubber band on your wrist, etc

Distraction techniques have become a very popular way of dealing with the stresses of modern life, especially with the proliferation of colouring books for adults.

Distraction was really useful yesterday. I took myself away to my Jaws Room (I’ll explain about the room another time) and did some photoshopping whilst listening to music.  Whilst I was still aware of my emotions, I was able to put them to one side until I could better deal with them.  I am now feeling much better about the situation and feel capable of dealing with it.

On the theme of distraction, I was excited to receive my first Pause delivery from Mind this week.  Within the box was an origami kit beutifully wrapped in tissue paper, some postcards and a booklet on well-being.

Anywho, normal blogging will resume tomorrow.


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