As many of you will know, I am a massive fan of Jaws (I’ll take you through that in a future post).  I have a tattoo and even a room dedicated to the film in our house (also this!).  I am always on the look out for Jaws screenings.  About 15 years ago there was a screening on Brighton Seafront on August Bank Holiday Monday.  I couldn’t get there and have bemoaned the fact ever since.

Imagine my delight when The Luna Cinema announced they were setting up a screen on Brighton Seafront for June and July, to coincide with the World Cup and Wimbledon, and then having a film shown in the evenings.  Even more exciting was the fact Jaws was going to be shown on the opening night.

I’m quite lucky that I have an understanding wife who also likes the film as without mentioning it I booked that day off work, tickets, a hotel and car parking. All of which she was fine with. As I said, I’m lucky.

So following a 5 hour journey, we checked into the Brighton Travelodge, which was conveniently 30-seconds from the beach, and made our way to the screening (via a stop for food).  To say I was excited would be an understatement, I was as giddy as a schoolboy after too many sweets and lots of pop.

We got into the screening and picked up our back-rests (these were comfortable and well worth the money).  We strategically chose our spot and sat down.  The sun was still going down and, as luck would have it, just as the sun was about to fall below the horizon the Universal globe appeared on the screen.

What happened in the next 124 minutes was an absolute joy.  I have seen the film easily over a 150 times, but seeing it whilst my smell and hearing was bombarded with sea scents and seagull’s cries was magical.  It was a joyful barrage on my senses.  There was even spontaneous applause at the end which brought a huge smile to my face.

What I love about Jaws is that every time I watch it, I notice new things.  My revelation this time was that Mayor Vaughn and Quint are the same; in short, both are stubborn in the pursuit of their goal which is their undoing.

This was the 2nd Luna Cinema Jaws screening we had attended (the other in Regents Park), and each time I have been highly impressed with the organisation, picture/sound quality, and range of food and drinks.  If you get chance to attend one of their multitude of screenings this summer, they are well worth it for the experience.  There are two at the majestic Oystermouth Castle later in the year, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone, and Pretty Woman. We will definitely be attending these (and maybe they’ll add a Jaws one there too).

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