Harry The Hound

HTH - Headshot

Harry The Hound’s school has been closed due to the coronavirus.  He is missing his friends and the thought of returning to school is filling him with anxiety that he does not know how to deal with.

Part picture book and part workbook, Harry The Hound Returns To School is aimed at 6-11 year olds.  The worksheets can be used for young people of all ages who may be nervous about returning to school.

The book is written by Neil Davies (@neiljarvis10) & Wendy Steer, and has been designed by Kyle Davies (@gordondon).

The book is free to download as a colourful PDF (and includes all of the worksheets) – LINK, but we would appreciate a donation to the Swansea Bay University LHB Charitable Fund during these unprecedented times – https://www.justgiving.com/abmulhb

Thank you in advance for any donations.

Harry the Hound Activities:

Harry – Colouring-in Competition

Word Search

Friends Colouring In

Acrostic Poem

Emotion Check-in

Gratitude Diary

Agree / Disagree


Harry the Hound’s Daily Routine Example

Supporting Paw

Squiggly Maze

Evidence Seeking Worksheet

Random Colouring

Spot the Difference

Acrostic Poem – Be Kind

Be Kind Chart

Colouring In – NHS Rainbow

Goal Setting Activity

Page 8
An example page of the book